Sunday, January 16, 2011


Has anyone noticed that I always post stuff on Sundays? Not Saturday or Friday but on Sunday. Which means I spend all of Sunday working on stuff, which kinda sorta goes against my faith.
But I think the Man upstairs won't mind much.
So anyhoo, lately I've really been trying to do something edgy which is so not my art style yet I love edgy art. It just wasn't happening for me for so long I just gave up and then out of no where this concept pops in my head and it just worked.
So yeah, its pretty simple. Flat contrasting colors, no shading or highlights or anything. It just is what it is. I call it Imaginary Warfare, for obvious reasons. I'm not a fan of violence, definetly not a fan of COD (so much blood!), but I'm not a radical preacher of peace either. I believe the only reason one should ever go to war is in defense but even so you can't have war without death and sacrifice and its ultimately a devastating sort of experience. I feel like I'm stating the obvious but its true.
Now that the thirt for edgyiness has left me you can expect some of my more usual stuff like girls with long hair and corsets  or fairies and flowers.

Yours truly,

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